Background & what’s in it for you?

The former Cross Keys pub had a steady and sad decline, many of us in the village regret this loss and the loss of the community hub we once had.

A group of villagers have the ambition to buy and operate the “Cross Keys Pub” in Great Bedwyn for the benefit of the whole village community enhancing the village economy, employment opportunities, and a revived village hub.


The Village has in the last three years lost two important social meeting businesses the British Legion and the Cross Keys resulting in only one large meeting venue; the Village Hall which can be supplemented by the smaller venues of the Cricket Club and Bowls / Croquet Club.

The Bedwyn Pub Company Limited (The Company) has been formed and has calculated that when successfully managed Cross Keys can return to being the focal point in the village, open to all and providing facilities for club  & society meetings, parties, music, comedy, wakes etc. all in a convivial and welcoming environment in the heart of our village.

The Company need the community’s practical and financial support to carry the whole plan including the refurbishment and site development through. Whilst there is no certainty of success, the Company has been confident enough to place a bid to buy the complete premises our plan is to buy and create a revived and vibrant pub.

Who else has saved pubs in villages?

It is well reported that many pubs are closing every month leaving a vacuum in villages. What is less reported is those that have reopened having faced similar circumstances. The Company has spoken to some of these including the Cross Keys Pub in Crosley, the Tally Ho  at Hungerford New town and the Fox and Hounds at Denmead to learn from their challenges both positive and negative. All these pubs feature in the good pub guide and TripAdvisor and have very positive reviews.

Please also see More Than A Pub from the Plunkett Foundation who has helped advise and enable many pubs to be saved.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are a pub user, investor, volunteer or customer it is important to consider how you will benefit and how the whole village community and the local area can benefit from your engagement. The ambition The Company has is to:

  • Open a village pub on a “free house” basis i.e. not tied to any one brewery
  • Be profitable, securing the pubs future and shareholders investments
  • Have a long term & stable future
  • Find and employ the right community focused management.
  • Create employment in the village
  • Provide good pub grub at lunchtime and add to the menu in the evening.
  • Traditional Sunday Lunches
  • Have a convivial back room catering for the many village societies and groups

What can you do?

The most important thing you can do is support us by registering your interest in the business, when we are open this will be easy. Just come along and enjoy what we have collectively created..

To get to this position we will be seeking to engage with the whole village where we are confident your skills and services will benefit this project and the community as a whole. The company has identified the following that will be needed:

  • Interior designer to maximise the potential areas we will have available
  • Volunteers to prepare to open and work on a part time basis.
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Businesses who can supply materials and labour.

The Company business plan takes all the above into consideration and whilst not everything can happen at once the village and local area will have a pub serving all the community and something all can enjoy and be proud of and want to regularly use.

Please Click Here if you would like the register your interest.