Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Would you like the Cross Keys to reopen?

Q2: How will this happen?

Q3: What kind of pub will the revamped Cross Keys be?

Q4: What are the planned opening and closing times?

Q5: Is the Bedwyn Pub Company. Ltd in direct competition with the Three Tuns?

Q6: What sort of company is The Bedwyn Pub Company Ltd, & who will own the Cross Keys?

Q7: How will the pub be run?

Q8: Who will be on the Board?

Q9: What price are the shares valued at & what is the minimum holding?

Q10: What is the Maximum Shareholding?

Q11: What guarantees and liabilities are investors exposed too?

Q12: What will the company do with any profits?

Q13: Why should the Cross Keys succeed?

Q14: Will the Council grant planning permission and a licence for the Pub to operate again?

Q15: Will there be a Designated Smoking Area?

Q16: How will you manage noise from events?

Q17: How will you cope with cars parking?

Q18: What happens if the business fails?

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